“Glance at the sun. See the moon and the stars. Gaze at the beauty of the earth’s greenings. Now, Think!”

Hildegard Von Bingen.

Here I am. . . .

. . . embracing my imperfections on a broad stage of vulnerability.

. . . . so that my life can be fully engaged from a place of authenticity and worthiness.

Welcome . . . .  to the world of my amplified thinking, my heart stirrings, and an adventurous journey of gazing into the maze of life.

What I describe as the maze is life under the sun. Life on this earth to me it is like a maze, and a complex one at that. Looking into this maze often yields more questions than answers. Usually, I am amazed by the gaze. This multiple view of people, things and places is often moderated by my anxious look into the face of The Creator of this amazing Universe. I will attempt to capture my interpretation with words during this journey.


Like an Artist painting pictures on canvasses, I hope to create many masterpieces. Or like a musician, I will make different kinds of music. Sometimes, it will be like a Chef concocting a sumptuous meal to appeal to that palate longing for delicacies that make one wish stomachs did not have limits.

This is forever a work in progress. Please, forgive my rough edges.

My goal is to ‘speak’ a word so fitly that it would be like golden apples in settings of silver.

I invite you to gallantly gaze into the maze of life. . . .

. . . . and take a thinking look at People, Things and Places.

Thanks for stopping by . . . . Carpe Diem!