Why The Car Couldn’t Start.

When I got the keys to the loaner car, I was very much relieved. The kind that floods your every being when you dread being without a vehicle. Especially when you know you need one to make the necessary rounds, then unexpectedly and suddenly, being offered one.

key-949094_1920My ‘workhorse’ – that’s the name I give my daily, runaround, traveling vehicle – had recently survived a massive blowout that damaged some Sensors, and ripped a part of the bumper off during a road trip. The blowout incident is an entirely different story to be told at another time.

When the vehicle was taken for repairs, some other defects were found that urgently needed to be fixed. I looked forward to the repairs being completed within a short period of time that same day. At most, my expectation was to have it diagnosed, and get it repaired after I had made proper arrangements for my replacement vehicle. Also, it was very close to the end of the business day.

My concern wasn’t necessarily about getting another vehicle to get around. The mild irritation of suddenly hassling, spending unplanned time and unexpected energy to get the replacement was something I was not looking forward to. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I was escorted to a late model car that I could use without my asking.

Talk about customer service!

A bunch of keys were handed to me. In my excitement, or assuming that I knew what to do, I gave my thanks, hurriedly walked off to take care of some other business in the vicinity, before coming back to drive off.

When I returned, everyone was gone. I got into the vehicle, and things got really interesting.

I adjusted the mirrors, fastened the seat belt, quickly familiarized myself with the controls, inserted the key into the ignition, and turned it. There was a buzz of everything coming to life, but the engine refused to respond like I expected it to. I turned the ignition again, and again. Then, as if the engine was taunting me, I would hear a click that raised my hopes, and dashed it just as quickly because it refused to start.

I did my quick assessment. It certainly wasn’t the battery. All the accessory lights worked alright. A lot of things went through my mind as I was stuck at a place with no one to help. I even thought, “those jerks gave me a dead vehicle.”

Just to be sure, it wasn’t the battery and maybe to prove to myself that I could get it started without any help, I rolled it down a hill attempting to jump start it the way you would a Manual Transmission-equipped car.

That didn’t work, and now I was down a hill in a dark alley.

Coming to my senses, I called for help. When he arrived, I explained what happened while handing him the bunch of keys, singling out the one I was using. He asked a few questions and inserted the key into the ignition. I felt vindicated when the engine didn’t start. Then he took the key out and slowly said, “these are the wrong keys”.

He identified the correct ignition key, inserted it, and turned it to the beautiful response of a well-oiled machine without the slightest mechanical worry.

I sheepishly looked at him, totally embarrassed. There was nothing – absolutely NOTHING wrong with the car. It was then that one of life’s lessons hit me like lightening.

Keys do not necessarily start engines, they give free and complete access. They don’t open doors, they give free and complete access. [tweetthis]Keys do not necessarily start engines; they give free and complete access. They don’t open doors; they give free and complete access.[/tweetthis] Not knowing and using the wrong keys, will not grant access even though you have what it takes.

Usually, we look for the keys to life’s problems. But many times, even when we do have the keys, we don’t know the correct one to use, or even how to use it. Sometimes, we’re left down the ‘hill’ as we attempt to jump-start our lives when the wrong keys don’t work!

There are many keys to life’s situations. Knowing the right key to use offers incredible access to solutions and many benefits.

Have you ever had the right key to your problems and not known all along that you had it? Care to share your story?

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