Gazing in the Maze

I finally succumbed to adding to my literary platform. I have become a Certified Blogger! Whatever that means.  A novice at it, I admit, but not at writing. It has been a struggle of making sense of this whole blogging idea.

Maybe, serious struggles enough to attract a diagnosis likeblog-684748_1280 procrastination, or simply mustering enough courage to bearing my soul for the whole wide world to read on the World Wide Web.  This, I reasoned would be like psychological nudity. Nonetheless, I now win at what I hope will be an amplifier of my thinking, my heart stirrings, and an adventurous journey of gazing into the maze of life.

Here is writing in the process of excellence. This is the before-it-becomes-a-book version of every book that will emerge. Here is the testing ground. Please, forgive my rough patches. This will further be like an Artist painting a picture on a huge canvass. I hope to create many paintings. Or like a musician, I will make different kinds of music. Sometimes, it will be like a Chef concocting a sumptuous meal to appeal to that palate longing for delicacies that make one wish stomachs did not have limits.

For sure I’m a purposeful gazer of the maze. What I describe as the maze is life under the sun. Life on this earth to me it is like a maze, and a complex one at it. Looking into this maze often yields more questions than answers. Usually, I am amazed by the gaze. This multiple view of people, things and places is often moderated by my anxious look into the face of The Creator of this maze we simply call life. I will attempt to capture my interpretation with words during this journey.

As I make my maiden voyage into this world of blogging, my goal is to ‘speak’ a word so fitly that it would be like golden apples in settings of silver. I invite you to boldly gaze into the maze and take a thinking look at people, things and places.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! 🙂

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