Submission Guidelines

“Inside each of us is a natural born storyteller just waiting to be released.”   Robin Moore.

Thanks for your interest in submitting a story for publication, or being interviewed and featured for an upcoming ‘Human Stories’.

By submitting your true story, or agreeing to be interviewed, you’re granting me the permission to publish it.

If you do NOT want to use your actual name (or other people’s actual names) in telling your story, please indicate that in your submission. Otherwise, you also grant the permission to use actual names which will be solely at my discretion.

In some instances, a pen name will be used in order to protect your identity, especially when your safety is at stake, or the need to be discreet is paramount.

As a contributor, you’re granted the copyright to your story. This way, you’re guaranteed control of your story.

Here are some additional guidelines to follow:

  • Your story should not exceed 600 words. (Special consideration will be given in exceptional cases.)
  • You’ll be helped if need be, to edit your work as deemed necessary. Editorial discretion for all submissions, will be final.
  • Email your complete story with the best contact phone number to:

Thanks for your participating in ‘Human Stories’. After receiving your email, you’ll be contacted for further directions.