Human Stories

Stories are the stuff of life.

And everyone has a story to tell! Everyone! This is one of the important things that make our lives colorful and meaningful. It is also often the most neglected or avoided, especially when that journey goes through places of bitter pain.




The natural default when we go through pain is to shrink back, cover up and hope no one knows what we’ve been through. It takes a high level of vulnerability and courage to share our pain. It is at this place of vulnerability however, that human connections are made. Vulnerability is the birthplace of authentic connections. As human beings, we are hardwired for connection. Without that we will wither and die a lonely, slow and painful death!

And so, Human Stories is an attempt to share real stories of people living through and overcoming life’s struggles and challenges. It will focus on inspiring moments that show resilience in the face of insurmountable difficulties.

The feature can be found here. I hope you’re inspired and encouraged to live life to the fullest in spite of whatever difficulties you may be facing right now or will face in the future. While the popular adage, “when life throw lemons at you, make lemonade” may not sound so pleasant during the dark nights, your story may very well be just what someone needs to hear. Remember, the ‘storm’ passes. . . it does not stay forever!

Consider this an invitation to share your story.

If you’ll like to submit a story for publication, or would like to be interviewed and featured for an upcoming ‘Human Story’, please send an email to:

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