My Walk Through Betrayal, Forgiveness, and Authenticity.

They say everyone has a story! But there are Stories, and there’re messy ones!

Mine seems like a very Messy Story!

Book_Cover1This view made me scurry for cover of what I think might be called the underside of authentic living. And while there, I met a numberless people who walk all over the world, even in churches, carrying secrets behind bright clothing and forced smiles.

They live seemingly normal lives, and some radiate the very essence of success – or so it seems. In churches, they sing songs, pray prayers, and listen to sermons. And all the while the secrets fester within their private world causing either a constantly broken heart or a hardened heart.

They live in fear of their secrets being exposed, and they quite likely go in fear that they will have to live this way for the rest of their lives. And yet they look to find whether there is anyone with whom their secrets might be safe if revealed.

There are many people in this society of Secret Carriers.

Five years ago, I was faced with a painful trauma that initiated my agonizing journey through forgiveness, transparency and authenticity.

I recount this personal experience in my soon to be released Book,

‘Why Caged Lions Don’t Roar’

Stay tuned. . . . .

. . . . . for this true inspiring story of hope in the midst of despair.

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