“Same-Sex Marriage” – The SCOTUS Ruling.

When the ruling of Supreme Court of the United States was announced, I was not surprised at all. Since then, there’s been a wide range of reactions. From what seems like galactic euphoria to utter disgust, punctuated by a lackluster chicken-little type hysteria.

gavelI’m not sure why the ruling came as a surprise to many. Every indication, cultural and/or otherwise, pointed to that way. If nothing else convinces you that we are living in interesting times, this ruling alone should.

For supporters of the ‘same-sex marriage’, the ruling came as a long-awaited bookend to the Supreme Court’s 2013 ruling that struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act and required the U.S. government to provide the same benefits to both homosexual and heterosexual couples.

It also to a larger extend validated their belief in homosexual unions as being on the same level as the long-held acceptable definition of marriage – between one man and one woman.

I can only observe and wish the victors know the far-reaching impact of their belief, behavior and its resulting consequences.

On my part, no condemnation is reserved for anyone who engages in homosexual practices and seeks to enjoy the legal backing for it. We are all free moral agents and can choose to do right or wrong. Eventually, we will reap what we sow!

My disappointment is not only that the SCOTUS concluded to redefine marriage as it is, but also the reaction of many Christians, especially some leaders.

First, it seems like they were caught off guard! Now this surprised me!

Most responded as though God the Sovereign One, awoken from a quick slumber only to find that the US of A had descended into disarray. Some even went as far as pronouncing or predicting judgment. To be true to Scripture, if we are looking at judgment, it has to and will start with and in the Church!

I’m not sure I will assume the judgment role of God that way.

If I had to level any blame at all, it will be at the failure of the Church collectively, to lovingly reach people with this flawed thinking about life, specifically marriage. Simply put, Christians should not expect the world to subscribe to biblical standards, let alone live by them!

Marriage by definition means the lawful union of one man and one woman, as instituted by the One who created humans, and in His infinite wisdom instituted it. Over the ages, it has been corrupted by humans in various ways imaginable. This ruling is just one way the SCOTUS has placed a legal stamp of approval on marriage’s corruption.

There is nothing truthful about “same-sex” marriage. This is even an oxymoron. But it doesn’t change what it actually is! As a consolation, some of the Supreme Court Justices vehemently registered their disagreement.

Finally, this ruling presents a unique opportunity for Christians to show love to people and demonstrate God’s rule by truly living the truths of life as prescribed by the Creator.

There are many ungodly laws. This is just one of them. It should not invoke any panic. Believers of God the Creator, and Followers of Jesus Christ must turn our gaze at the Master, and obediently implement what He wants done to advance His Kingdom!


How do you think this ruling will affect our lives in the USA, and the rest of the world?


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