Where Are All The Good Men? Part Two

My friend Tony and Janet’s situation got me to take a long and closer look at the modern day relationship struggles among unmarried people – especially single women – who desire marriage.

In fact most good Christian single women are wondering, “Where are the manly men in this world?” “Are there men out there besides the high-school boys who are just after drama?” “Are there men who love the Lord and want to raise a family like me, and if so, where are they?”

I’ll simply repeat here that it is wrong for any female to ask these questions for reasons expressed in my previous post.

Furthermore, in an honest attempt at answering these questions, most well-meaning leaders; pastors, mentors or parents have focused on how men could be “fixed” and made godly.

These kinds of questions and approach alone injure and attempt to weaken unmarried men of our generation.

To ask that question is to ask “why aren’t you godlier?”

This only serves to humiliate the men and rob them of respect and

honor. This pernicious message is both overt and subliminal. They are sprinkled generously in sarcastic girlfriend jokes, humorous stupid-men commercials, and callous cutting comments aimed at diminishing – and to put it bluntly – emasculating men.

Tony’s situation backs this up while revealing something more sinister.

He also mentioned how Janet made it repeatedly clear to him that, she was “a strong, independent woman” who could do just about anything she wanted! Not only did he endure sarcastic put-downs in the form of cutting jokes, she was constantly sharing their relational challenges with her ‘friends’ – many of whom were males – and coming back at him with suggestions of how he could do better.

It became easier to believe Tony after meeting with them a few times to resolve some of their challenges. During those ‘sessions’, I worked hard on being objective. To be fair, Tony had some issues of his own that needed some work, but much to my dismay I realized that the poisonous mindset from which Janet operated, was a bigger problem.

She had blindly succumbed to the disease of the modern woman, foisted on unsuspecting females largely by the feminist movement. While I do not support any ideology that suppresses the full humanity of women in society, I am also opposed to any that distorts the correct view of women that deviates from the original intent of the Creator.

Feminism’s poison, ultimately teaches women to think of men as the enemy, which has made women “angry” and “defensive”, though often unknowingly.

A lot of women aren’t women anymore!

Masculine_womanThere is this new phenomenon that has changed the delicate dance between men and women. Feminism has pushed many men out of their traditional role of breadwinner, protector and provider and persuaded many women to take up these roles. Grant it, some women are forced into these roles, and that’s not what I’m zeroing in on here.

Most women today are masculine women and simply not wife-materials![tweetthis]Most women today are masculine women and simply not wife-materials! www.sbrobbeyjr.com http://wp.me/p4UEaC-fP via @sbrobbeyjr[/tweetthis]

Sadly, most men have been trapped into believing they are inadequate and evidence this deception in many deviant behaviors, including shying away from getting married. And those who are whole simply are not willing to marry masculine women.

This trend must be stopped if single women are going to be found as wife-materials.

Men must be made to feel needed, respected and strong!

The single women need to take a step back from the delusional and commanding feminist lie that has been foisted on them for so long and give the leading role back to men who are submitted to, and under the clear authority of God and God alone first!

When it all comes down, the real question is not “where are all the godly men?”

It is “Do these single women see themselves as wife-material in order to found”? “where/who are the women placing their hopes in these days?” Are they placing their hopes in guys who act more like high school characters than manly men of the faith? Are they placing their hope in a future “dream career”?

Again ladies, in the kindest way I have to say that, godly men are not missing!

Men being natural hunters, when they find a good thing – a treasure – they will wholeheartedly go after that good thing!

Maybe I missed something in this complex ‘Finding’ and ‘being ‘Found’ process?


Would you please let me know what you think?


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  1. Missie

    Well stated Mr. Brobbey. I must share your thoughts in my ‘CERTIFIED WIVES / WIVES TO BE GROUP’!
    I’m sure that they will concur.

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