Who Do You Follow?

The tempo of the conversation was getting faster, and the volume got gradually louder in a recent conversation. Every participant attempted to capture in their own way that, everyone follows someone!

Not only on Twitter, Facebook or some other Social Media, but in real life.

Following-263008_1280The conversation got a lot more serious when it veered into ‘what a Follower of Christ looked like.’

The assumptions that dominated and hijacked this innocent quest in many unintended directions, probably confirmed the old saying of not discussing religion or politics at public places.

Allow me to begin with what Followers of Jesus Christ are NOT.

Followers of Christ are NOT perfect human Beings.

They are NOT those that necessarily go to a ‘church’. But that’s a different subject.

Not those that are observing some rigorous religious dos-and-don’ts.

Followers of Christ are simply those who have realized that human nature is inherently evil, and that they can never be good no matter how hard they try or what they attempt to do.

With this knowledge, they make the conscious decision to look to their Creator and embrace His acceptable plan to connect with Him as agents of the creative goodness of the divine conspiracy to overcome evil with good.

As long as this connection is maintained, evil is always overthrown!

This acceptable plan begins with the unconditional believe that, Jesus Christ walked on this earth and showed us all how to connect with God, the Father of all creations, in a personal and relevant way. The way He lived therefore has become a model of sorts, for all people who want to be like Him, to pursue as a life-long call.

It is this life-long commitment to pursuing and becoming like Him that is usually referred to as ‘following’. In other words, ‘Followers’ embrace the lifestyle like the one Jesus lived on earth, following in His footsteps, so to speak.

This ‘following’ is an organic process that is practical in every walk of life. There are many ‘followers’, and true to the diversity of people, different followers do so at different distances. Some follow closely, others at various distances. There are those who are farther along than others, and even those who have stopped ‘walking’ altogether.

But Followers are not by any means perfect human beings!

They are people with broken lives. . .

often dealing with incredible mess. . .

The deeply wounded. . .

sometimes dealing with sufferings of intense nature.

They may be your next-door neighbor, friend, co-worker, your brother or sister,

. . . crazy enough to ‘walk’ against what is ‘culturally’ popular. But all the same, continuing in their commitment to follow on!

So what does a Follower of Christ look like?

Begin with what their deeply held convictions are! Their consistent behavior will always point to their convictions. And their convictions will always align with the values Jesus their Master, portrayed!

They will reflect WHO they ‘Follow’!

. . . . and although this has nothing to do with Twitter, you can tell who someone follows, if you take a keen look!


How you do tell who someone is following? Better yet, who do YOU follow?

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